Dead AgentsEdit

Round 1
Standing Team

Agent #

Code Name BC Name Location of Death Circumstances of Death

Kill Count

60. Red 0030 NIGHTRUNNER auroradormita Unknown Broke Chain 0
59. Blue 0009 QUICKSILVER Aramena Unknown Broke Chain 0
58. Green 0018 REDRUM Kevin051081 Unknown Broke Chain 0
57. Orange 0012 MACHETE AnOtterChaos Unknown Suicide 0
56. Yellow 0010 ICY taaza

Cafe de la Paix, Paris, France

Poisoned by eclair and cafe au lait 0
55. Red 0019 DRAGON turbostitcher Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy Drowned in fountain; head bashed on tiles 0
54. Purple 0025 STEEL barbieq233 Unknown Bomb 0
53. Orange 0023 VENUS FLYTRAP imawinn2 Macy's Herald Square, New York, NY, USA Crushed by merchandise display 0
52. Yellow 0038 ROSEBUD annenz Harajuku Train Station, Tokyo, Japan Thrown on tracks by agent in costume; run over 0
51. Blue 0052 MAYHEM debnance Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY, USA Crushed by 30-ton Austrian curtain 0
50. Orange 0046 GRENADE Knikkki Unknown Bomb 0

Standing Team Agent# Code Name BC Name Location of Death Cause of Death Kill Count
36. Blue 27 HOUDINI nattabee Perfume Souk, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Sprayed with chloroformed perfume 0