The Chief and two agents take on the 2011 BookCrossing Convention in Washington, DC

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Mission: BookcrossingEdit

Mission: Bookcrossing is an online RABCK (Random Act of Bookcrossing Kindness) game that combines elements of games like Assassins, Hot Potato, Russian Roulette, 007, and Mafia in order to find out who is the Top Secret Agent of Bookcrossing. It was started in 2009 by UnwrittenLibra and its players (agents) are members from around the world.

Game PremiseEdit

A bookcrosser receives instructions to send a book from a predetermined list to a certain "enemy" agent, along with a clue which contains their destiny. The object of the game is to survive as long as you can without undergoing elimination by receiving a "bomb" book or failing to complete a mission in time, or "eating the cyanide capsule." With untold twists and turns along the way, this journey will be different for everyone but in the end, only those with smarts, speed, and skills of BookCrossing espionage can be crowned the "Top Secret Agent of Bookcrossing."

Phase 1 (2009)Edit

Initial TeamsEdit

Red Paris, France Bones, Dragon, Fang, Hemlock, Nightrunner, Poison Ivy, Precision, Ricochet, Sunbird, War Hawk
Orange Rome, Italy Grenade, Howitzer, Kiss of Death, Machete, Modesty, Moonraker, Peccadillo, Thunderbird, Trueblood, Venus Flytrap
Yellow Moscow, Russia Black Widow, Desperado, Glock, Hellrazor, Houdini, Icy, Lucky, Matchstick, Rosebud, Widowmaker
Green London, England, UK Apocalypse, Blitz, Cobra, Destiny, Falcon, Pandora's Box, Redrum, Storm, Tarantula, Timberwolf
Blue Tokyo, Japan Belladonna, Beretta, Black Cat, Mayhem, Medusa, Mighty Eagle, Quicksilver, Shadow, Swordfish, Wildfire
Purple New York City, New York, USA Arsenic, Bandit, Blackout, Bullet, Fool's Gold, Hawkeye, Malevolence, Molotov Cocktail, Ninja Star, Steel

Round 1: Friendly Fire CompetitionEdit

Round 1 introduced the players to the game concept and operated as a "friendly fire" round - the 10 members of each team were scrambled and each sent a book onto the next member, with the first team to complete a chain through all 10 members winning a special prize. The only way to die in this round was to break the chain. Several players did just that, and became the game's first casualties. The only team to complete this chain was the Purple Team.

Round 2: Standard PlayEdit

This was the first round of standard play, with agents sending RABCKs to agents on opposing teams. Agents who failed to complete their missions in the time frame or failed to complete their mission at all were killed, as well as those on the receiving ends of two types of missions: Boomerang or Sophie's Choice.

  • Boomerang is when Agent A sends Agent B a book, and instead of Agent B, upon successfully recieving the book, receiving an assignment to send to Agent C, he/she receives Agent A's address and wishlist and sends a boomerang back to Agent A at their base, which knocks Agent A out of the game.
  • Sophie's Choice is a type of mission where Agent A receives two addresses and sets of wishlists books for Agent B and Agent C. One of the two books they send are a bomb, which knocks either Agent B or C out of the game.

Dead AgentsEdit

Click here to see the agents who died during round 1

Phase 2: Reboot (2011)Edit


In this round, the number of agents was reduced to 36 and the teams were reduced to three, each based in a different city on a different continent: Blue in Europe, Green in Africa, and Red in Asia.

New TeamsEdit

Blue Team Green Team Red Team

Active AgentsEdit

Apocalypse Arsenic Bandit Black Cat Blackout Blitz
Bones Bullet Destiny Falcon Fang Hemlock
Howitzer Kiss of Death Lucky Medusa Mighty Eagle Molotov Cocktail
Ninja Star Pandora's Box Poison Ivy Precision Ricochet Shadow
Storm Swordfish Thunderbird Trueblood Widowmaker

Dead AgentsEdit

Below are the agents who have been eliminated in the current round.

Standing Team Agent # Code Name BC Name Location of Death Cause of Death Kill Count
36. Blue 27 HOUDINI nattabee Perfume Souk, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Sprayed with chloroform perfume 0
35. Green 5 COBRA earthcaroleanne West Port, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK Burked 0
34. Blue 47 BELLADONNA AliceF Tallinn, Estonia Quit 1
33. Blue 50 WILDFIRE hiddencat12 Tallinn, Estonia Base infiltration casualty 0
32. Blue 6 BLACK WIDOW Jayebirck Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Killed by reanimated bones of Lucy 0
31. Red 14


Releanna Noon Gun, Cape Town, South Africa Boomerang 1

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