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I feel I've always been a secret agent. I learned this runs in my family, as both my parents are (or were) secret agents. I never had the chance to meet them, as for them I would have been a liability and for myself an easy target. When the bookseller I was raised by saw me so interested in mysteries and thrillers, but even more in every kind of game involving secrets and guesses, she told me the truth about my origins, as much as she was allowed to. I then vowed to follow the same road as my folks, and maybe meet them halfway some day, if I'm lucky.

My name comes from my native ability to shift ahead of danger and save myself in the last moment. Without fake modesty, I dare say I'm a master of turnovers. And of course, my favorite weapon is a boomerang.

For I grew in a bookstore, I'm very fond of reading and I always mark an ended mission by leaving a book behind as a token of my victory and a consolation prize for my victims.

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